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The Avenir Condo Launch: What to Expect

The Avenir Condo Launch: What to Expect

The Avenir has been procured by a tripartite joint comprising of GuocoLand (Singapore), Hong Realty, and Intrepid Investments. The aggregate deal at S$980 million is perhaps the biggest deal inside the most recent decade. The delicate for the site pulled in enthusiasm from a bunch of outside and neighborhood designers. It’s high deal value I significantly higher than the save cost of S$938 million by up to 4.5%.

GuocoLand and Intrepid Investments holds 40% stake each and Hong Realty holds 20% premium. Hong Leong Investment Holdings (HLIH) claims significant offers in both Hong Realty and Intrepid Investments.

The advancement includes around 290 condos and 2 business units. The deal comes after 80% of the proprietors assented the en alliance deal. Proprietors of the units at The Avenir will get somewhere in the range of $3.36 and $3.48 million as continues from the deal. Every one of the shop units will be granted between $2.2 million and $4.5 million.

With a current gross floor region of around 493,222 sq ft, The Avenir value means S$1,987 psf ppr. Including the 10% additional overhang gross floor zone, its maximum passable GFA is 542,544 sq ft which reflects around S$1,806 psf ppr.

Being a property arranged in the focal point of area 9, The Avenir appreciates a vital area that is near a plenty of courtesies. It is both near Orchard Road shopping belt, the focal business locale and the future Great World City MRT station.

Assessment from specialists demonstrates that the land cost for The Avenir may appreciate a breakeven cost running somewhere in the range of $2,530 and $2,800 psf ppr with a foreseen selling cost of $3,000 to $3,200 psf.

Frasers Property launches Riviere Condo in 2019

Frasers Property launches Riviere Condo in 2019

The parcel of lands located at Jiak Kim Street as well as the Fourth Avenue tenders was officially closed on 5th Dec 2018 Tuesday. In reference to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the former received a whopping S$955.4 million top bid with the latter getting the highest bid worth S$552.96 million. The Jiak Kim Street land parcel would be developed to the newly announced Riviere Condo by Frasers.

The segment of the land found at Jiak Kim Street which was formerly occupied by Zouk night club attracted a totaling 10 offers from well financial oiled bidders while the prime land sitting at the famous Fourth Avenue was eyed by seven bidders.

These two segments of lands located at Jiak Kim Street as well as the Fourth Avenue were on 19th Oct 2018 as well as 2nd Nov 2018 respectively officially launched for public tender which attracted so many developers eyeing to acquire them for future developments. They were all provided for a 99 years lease sale. Among the bidders was

The prime parcel of land at Jiak Kim Street was successfully acquired by Frasers Centerpoint Limited making it the highest land price ever achieved based on square foot for government land sales at its name would change to Riviere Condo.

All Green Properties emerged as the successful bidder of the lucrative piece of land located at Fourth Avenue. This developer also managed to secure a freehold piece of lands located at Royalville as well as the Crystal Tower. Currently, the developer has set all its eyes on acquiring a site located next to Bukit Timah.

Before tendering the sites located at the Jiak Kim Street as well as the Fourth Avenue, they were listed as the reserve lands by the Government in the Land Sales department which had made them not for sale.

Christine Li, a director of research at a famous real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield, said, there was a rife contest for the prime sites at Jiak Kim Street and the Fourth Avenue, with both locations having a set benchmark price.

The successful bidders are looking forward to the appreciation of the land’s value to almost to ten percent which may see them yield big from their future developments. With this in their minds, they have not missed the ladder since all market players are expecting a significant rise in land prices with over ten percent. If this will come to pass, they will have a big return on the investment.

Tay Huey Ying, who heads research and consultancy at the JLL real estate agency, says, the key aspect is that the local developers should make sure that they are acquiring all the key sites located at the central district and keep off foreigners from such as CSC Land from China as well as Kashings Japura Pte Limited which is a Hong Kong mogul from acquiring sites in these prime areas of Fourth Avenue and Jiak Kim Street.

On 29th September and 31st October, the two sites Jiak Kim Street and the Fourth Avenue sites respectively applications for sales were allowed to go on by the URA.
The tenders are to be awarded to the appropriate bidder once the evaluation process is through.

Riviere Condo by Frasers project details have been since announced on the official site.

What you Need to Know about South Beach Residences Condo

What you Need to Know about South Beach Residences Condo

https://southbeachresidences-official.sgSouth Beach Residences is a modern establishment that has set new standards in regard to architecture and luxury living. This integrated development features a mix of commercial spaces, penthouses, retail shops, grandeur condo and apartments. A hotel with members-only clubhouse is an additional facility Investors and homeowners here can enjoy.

This mixed development structure contains 190 deluxe residential units all located within the upper 22 storeys, 500,000 square feet of state of the art office space and a 5-star hotel occupying the remaining 23 floors. Here residents can wine and dine, go shopping, and party the night away without setting foot out of the building premises. Savvy homeowners and investors are scrambling for their own share of what South Beach residencies have to offer as they find this level of convenience extremely alluring.

From the penthouses and apartments, one can see 360-degree views of the entire town. Placing the residential units in the upper floors was a deliberate move aimed at rewarding the owners with breathtaking sights like the Marina Bay and the Central business district both which are only a stone throw away.

Within sight is the War Memorial which sits on conserved land along with three more historic structures preserved for their cultural, heritage, and architectural significance. Ultimately this contributes extensively to the visual appeal of south beach residences. Residents here will enjoy various amenities, and easy access in and out of the city thanks to an underground passage linking to the City Hall MRT station, Suntec City, and Esplanade MRT station. The underground passage becomes an expedient option especially when it is raining heavily outside or you are trying to stay away from the scorching sun, here you can also find retail outlets, restaurants, and food joints which almost eliminates the need to head out of to the CBD to eat or shop.

The South Beach Residencies penthouses and condos apartments are divided as follows;

. One five bedroom penthouse measuring 5,768 square feet
. Two four bedroom penthouses measuring 4,127 to 5,629 square feet
. Three three bedroom penthouses measuring 3,581 to 5,048 square feet
. 35 four bedroom apartments and condos measuring 2,282 to 2,627 square feet
. 61 three bedroom condos and apartments measuring 1,733 to 2,260 square feet
. 88 two bedroom apartments measuring 968 to 1647 square feet

Amenities near South beach Residences include Schools and learning institutions such as;

  • SMU
  • Creatif Mindz Education Center
  • Pusat Pendidikan Azhar
  • Stamford Primary School

Hotels such as;

  • Asia Grand
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua
  • Pascar Beila
  • District 10

If you reside here and want to go shopping outside of South Beach Residences, you will be spoilt for choice. Nearby shopping centers include;

  • Raffles City
  • Suntec City
  • Bugis Junction

The brains behind South Beach Residences is the renowned City Developments Limited-CDL. The developer ranks top among prominent landlords in the area. Founded in 1963, this is no new player in the development arena with numerous world-class projects to its name. What with properties in North America, New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, CDL has proven to be an international property developer transforming the bare land into the most magnificent spaces. They are famous for working on integrated structures that conform to the needs of the environment which has, in turn, earned them recognition both internationally and in Singapore

Source: https://southbeachresidences-official.sg



There are of course no shortages of real estates anywhere you are, for that you have your agents working day and night to help you get what you need. The
important thing to consider is since there is a lot of competition involved, it is important of a realtor to first publish his real estate listing online. A study
according to National Association of Realtors shows 92% of the potential buyers begin their search from online, which means having a strong online presence
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Marketing your Real estate online

1. Start with Social Media presence

Before anything else on the list, the most important job in order to market your real estate on the dimension of World Wide Web, is to first create a Social
Media presence for your property. There you will have to provide information about your company, your portfolio, customer’s reviews and testimonials. Start
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2. Add Social media sharing with every listing

There are plenty of real estate property listing website which takes up your property and show to the user. These third parties takes commission when your
property gets sold, but the truth in that, its hardly gets any noticeable importance if you haven’t done any leg work before uploading the listing for the first time.
Make sure you provide a social media sharing feature inside your every real estate listing, this way you can get the maximum authority that your property is

3. Use HD images

Online revolves around soft content which includes, videos, images and text. If your property or real estate images are dull and boring, you may lose the charm
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ApecOnline Marketing is partnering with New condo launches to market them online
ApecOnlineMarketing has made to the big fish, by deciding to partner with New condos owners and providers to help sell their properties in the realm of
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Various Real Estate Marketing

Various Real Estate Marketing

When a real estate firm decides it needs to optimize its advertising strategies it has many options it can use for effective real estate marketing. Real estate
marketing is a visual type of marketing whether it employs custom vinyl banners, signs, flyers or online marketing. People want to see what is available. With
the internet, real estate marketing is much easier because the prospective customers can take a virtual tour of the property without even leaving their home. This
is a long way from the past where a realtor had to make an appointment to actually visit the property. This took resources and time that didn’t necessarily end up
in a sale.
So real estate marketing has changed vastly in the past few years. When the virtual home tours first began they were rough and slow but today a person can
view homes and properties online very easily. So when a real estate firm wants to expand its real estate marketing campaign it must consider online marketing
strategies such as search engine optimization or SEO.
If a real estate company designs its own website the designer should be familiar with all of the current online marketing techniques that are available to website

If they are not then they may want to consider hiring a search engine optimizer also know as a person or company who specializes in professional
consultations so your website will be search engine friendly. If you do consider hiring a search engine professional they you would do the same sort of
interviewing as you would do if you were hiring any professional person or company who will do work for you. Ask for references or referrals; try to set u an
online chat if the person or company is remote from your business. Skype and webcams are very effective and easy to use. Determine how they would increase
your internet exposure. Then you may choose to sign a contract with them or at least some form of agreement before you engage them to perform online real
estate marketing services for you.
It is always a good idea to combine advertising techniques when you are doing a marketing campaign. A realtor does need to have some for sale signs on the
site where the property is located. People do the drive by looking at neighbourhoods to see if they would like them. If they see a sign then they may note the
name and call you sometime in the future. Also, advertising in a local newspaper still may generate some calls but many people are turning to the internet for
their news so perhaps that newspaper advertising does not make a lot of sense and may be a waste of money. But if there are choices to be made it may be more
effective to put the money into internet advertising.
If you do hire a professional SEO specialist they can review your current website and may offer technical advice as to if effectiveness along with other services.